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Undergroundhero Bands seem to come and go all of the time these days, without having anything unique or original to say. In the past couple of years, some music magazines were writing off indie rock as dead. It is 2013, and the press is wrong....

Rock Bass is an excellent
indie band from Morgantown, West Virginia. They consist of talented musicians & writers. Their quality also matches the artistry. "Garbles", may be one of the best indie releases of 2013. Listen to Rock Bass, and see why!

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Garbles was produced by Derek Shank of Take A Stand Productions

Mastering by J. Kahrs of Moose Audio in Morristown, NJ.

Recorded at Red Diamond Studio in Cumberland, MD

Artwork by Lindsey Kesecker and Rock Bass


released March 12, 2013



all rights reserved


Rock Bass Morgantown, West Virginia

Rock Bass (like the fish) is a band from Morgantown, WV. We are engineers and computer nerds with an odd sense of humor. Our debut album, Garbles, is now available! Do with it what you must.

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Track Name: Thinking Parts
A part of me is hovering and part of me is awake
Quit acting all presidential and I'll quit making this face.

My Thinking Parts
They're all broken down
There's something so familiar about all this
Something about a pet name and a to-do list
You think that everything's peachy
At that big house where the rich kids live I'll turn right

The worlds worst procrastinator could never put this off
But now you've waited two long years... don't forget to turn the lights off
Track Name: We Both Do
If there could be only one
Way to get to where you are
I'd rent a car, steal a boat, hop a train, take plane
Get lost and try again

Is it me
It could be you
Maybe it's something that we both do
Take a letter, Give me a call
Don't wait and do nothing at all
You gotta fight

Time will show us what's in store
Choices are plenty, but what's more
Important in the end
A Graceful fall or aloof blame

You gotta fight to be heard
No one will notice us for what its worth
Track Name: Phil
Nothing is lost on me and my responsibility
Someone has got to do what I do
I'm just one in a line of few

When I get up roll out of bed
Pick a number floating in my head
They pull me out and greet the day
Look around... oh shit
Six more weeks of winter

I wiggle back into my tree
Take a nap, get up to pee
They say I'm tough and I agree
But whats a brine... oh shit
They're going to stew me up for dinner

Didn't we do this like yesterday
It's so familiar in so many ways
The same old song, the same routine
What's that I see... oh shit
Six more weeks of winter
Track Name: Bury
Broken down into smaller pieces everything seems to fit
Not the whole, but the sum of the parts
I guess I'm fine with it

But I wanna bury these things that strangle me
I wanna bury them whole
Bury these things that dont mean a thing
And learn to let them go

Time not together I'm torn apart
Thinking only of you
Patience rapidly leaves my heart overwhelmed and blue
Track Name: Killing It
Through all the worrying and the pissing around
There has got to be a better way
I'll be here keeping time with the ones
Who know exactly what to say
You say it's dumb, I say it's fun
You say you'll never be the one
I can't argue with that

I said hey (hey)
There's no stopping us now
You'll have to wait until we come back down
I say hey (hey)
There's no stopping us now
Just sit and watch while we're killing it

I'll bend but never break until the spinning makes
A whole new path
Through the river, cross the hills, over the winding forest
Across the past
Attitudes change, my focus remains
I can't argue with that
Track Name: Obviously
It's so lovely when you don't do what you say
A broken warped record could take your place
Every minute, every second, every moment of the day
Wrap your head around that and dig what you say

But somehow you still think that it's not obvious
You're obviously wrong
Something so simple in your eyes, but I can see it now
You see it too
Through broken glass take a picture make it last
Because this pace wont last

Don't try to fix me, just move along
It's worked this way for years sans right and wrong
Every minute, every second, every moment of the day
Keep your blindfold on and keep punching away
Track Name: I Think You Think
You tried to fool me yesterday
Think I remember you from the seventh grade
With that same dumb haircut and that look
I think you think I give a %^&*

Words can't express what I have to say
But walking through the graveyard makes me feel ok
Ghouls have no problems there only dark
They wont take your shit, they'll take your heart

Your emotions turn like a rusty gate
Moving back and forth until they start to break
Don't bring me down with your lonely look
I think you think I give a %^&*
Track Name: Too Much Space
So you wanna thrill me
And you want to watch me break down
Look right through me

Are you alone
I never know
You take up too much space
Celebrations help embrace my heart is always with you

Not the sound of laughter
I can't do it alone
Troubled times are through me

Treat me like you do me
That's all I ask of you
Faces look up to me and ask
Track Name: This Is Not A Test
It's freezing hot, but I'm ice cold
Machines are making machines not big enough to hold
There's a real sweet tune about an old brown shoe
Oh and I'm in love with you

Take a chance and forget it
Take a change or regret
Don't ever think this is not a test
It takes a lot to give so much more than the rest
Mistakes are made don't be a bitch and run away
You'll only make it someone else's problem

There's a chair with no back at the front of the room
But their agenda means nothing to you
You gotta take that first step left over right
Say goodbye, goodbye to the night

Our individual goal in life ought to be to seek virtue and excellence and recognize that self-esteem and happiness can only come from using one’s own natural ability, in the most productive manner possible. Productivity and creativity are the true source of personal satisfaction. Freedom, and not dependency, provides the environment needed to achieve these goals. Government cannot do this for us; it only gets in the way. It only gets in your way.
Track Name: Something More
Hello to you
It's all so new to me
Hello to you
It takes two for company

A perfect fit is what I'm looking for
I think you're it
Whisper something you had never done before
We'll make time for it
It feels right

Like nothing has ever felt before
It feels nice
When you hold me I know
That there's something, something more

Goodbye to you
Our time is through you see
Goodbye to you
Move on to find and seek
what feels right

Something more
Something more
Something more